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Quote Express: Elevate Your B2B Game

Hi, I'm Integer Quote Express App 

Integer Quote Express allows your customers to ask for a custom quote, negotiate price for bulk purchase and follow the same offline buying process in an automated and efficient way.


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About The App

If you are selling online in addition to having retail stores where customers can Pick-Up their order, Integer BOPIS gives you the ability to offer store Pick-Up to your online customers. Integer BOPIS allows you to set-up multiple Pick-Up Locations and helps your local customers decide their nearest location using the driving directions provided by the app.

Seamless B2B Transactions

Integer Quote Express revolutionizes the B2B buying process, enabling customers to seamlessly navigate the intricacies of RFQs, bulk purchasing, and negotiations. This cutting-edge solution automates the offline buying process, infusing it with unprecedented efficiency. Unlike the linear nature of B2C transactions, B2B deals often engage an average of 6.8 stakeholders in the decision-making process. Integer Quote Express bridges the gap by offering an automated platform that accommodates the involvement of various players.


Traditional B2B transactions involve a host of interactive elements—discussion with salespersons, bulk purchase discounts, RFQs—that don't align with the conventional online purchase model. Enter Integer Quote Express—the RFQ App that empowers customers to effortlessly communicate their requirements and receive custom quotes within seconds.


New Possibilities


  • Fully online, fully automated Quotes functionality
  • Cart can be saved as Quote and converted to Order
  • Approved Quotes can be checked out from email
Dealer Screen

An app that allows you to be more responsive than ever


Submit quote requests directly from the product or cart page


Can be integrated with all the eCommerce platforms


One Dashboard to manage all Quotes


Quote statuses available to manage full life cycle


Quotes can be customized with Validity, Terms, Notes


Copy Quotes, Download / Print as PDF

Why Integer Quote Express?

Power to Negotiate I Improved User Experience | Increased Conversions

RFQs are an essential part of B2B businesses where purchases are made regularly and in large quantities. From increased customer interactions to customised responses and increased online orders, the benefits are many.

Interaction between seller & buyer
Customized responses
Increased online orders

Interaction between seller & buyer

The high price of products, large quantities in which they are sourced all demand a close interaction between the sellers and buyers in B2B Sales. The Integer Quote Express enables the seller to communicate with buyers, answer queries regarding shortlisted products and submit custom quotes.

Customized responses

With Quote Express you can send customized offers and discounts to your customers without disclosing the price to the public.

Increased online orders

With Quote Express you can attract more wholesale buyers and increase you per order value directly leaving a positive impact on your revenues and bottom-line.

Integer Quote Express

Main Reasons to offer an RFQ App

Avoid the of hassle of dealing with additional accounting softwares to generate quotes.


Quote Express allows you to manage the entire sales cycle from initial quote to final contract easily.


Cater to millennials who are technology savvy.

Dual Level Of Service

B2B buyers spend an average of $491 per order, compared to $147 for B2C but the sales cycles can last for months with request for quotes and negotiations. Install Quote Express to your store and facilitate quick negotiations, just like our clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Does Quote Express Work?

Quote Express is an App which allows customers to request for a custom quote. This APP can be integrated with all the leading eCommerce platforms from BigCommerce to Magento, Shopify etc. With this App you can submit custom quotes based on the quantity ordered or any other criteria. The RFQ details will be visible with an id, date, customer name, special requests etc enabling the sales team to respond appropriately and quickly to reach request.

2. Is it possible to apply this App for few selected products only?

Yes, Integer Quote Express can be applied to few selected products or the entire product catalogue as required. The product is so flexible that you can even set this for few customer groups.