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We build Integer Apps for your E-Commerce Platforms

We build our apps with the belief that every eCommerce business is one of a kind and deserves innovative solutions to deliver great online customer experience. That’s why we strive to continuously evolve, adapt and be on the leading edge of new technologies and strategies. It’s also why we’re partnered with BigCommerce, the leading eCommerce SaaS platform.


As more and more businesses move their catalogs and sales to the BigCommerce platform, we have developed a number of apps to help deliver wholesome shopping experience to the end users. Integer develops powerful Cloud Apps that help you sell effectively regardless of how big or small your store is or which market you serve. These easy-to-integrate and flexible Apps will help you take your customer experience to the next level. Our Apps work seamlessly with BigCommerce platform and integrates well with the leading ERP, CRM, POS systems.

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