Installation Guide

Integer BOPIS Installation Guide
Thank you for downloading the Integer BOPIS App for BigCommerce. This app allows you to manage your In-Store Pick-Up process for orders placed on your BigCommerce storefront.

Here are the steps to install and setup the Integer BOPIS app for BigCommerce.

Step 1: Login to the Bigcommerce store and select "Apps" from the left menu.

When you have reached the Marketplace, search for "Integer BOPIS"

Step 2: Add the App from Marketplace to your BigCommerce store.

Step 3: Review the details and Install the app.

Review the details, then select the checkbox to confirm:

This step will initiate the App installation for the store. It will take a few minutes to complete the installation. Then, proceed with setting up the app for use.

Step 4: Once the App is Installed, please review the App Dashboard page. The App Checklist shows a list of items that need to be completed, as well as items that automatically were set up and should be reviewed, updated, and saved.

Step 5: Click on Settings. The first setting is configuring the Physical Address of the Store where Shoppers will be able to Pick-Up the products that they order.

Add the Name of the Contact Person at the store for the shopper to contact when arriving at the store.
Add the email address of the In-Store Pick-Up Contact Person.
Add specific instructions to be displayed for the Shopper during Check-out. These instructions will appear only when the Shopper chooses the In Store Pick-Up option.Integer-BOPIS-Installation-Guide1-11
Don't forget to save.Integer-BOPIS-Installation-Guide1-12
Step 6: The next setting is for Store Hours and the Holiday Calendar. Here, you can enable the dates and timing that In Store Pick-Up is available for the Shopper to choose during check-out. The calendar widget will default to the next day, first available time slot for the shopper to choose. The shopper can change the Pick-Up time to suit their availability if it's within the store hours configured.

Please note the app defaults to the time zone from your BigCommerce settings. However, the admin has the option to change the hours to match the In-Store Pick-Up Location time zone.

New Year & Christmas are marked as holidays by default and blocked for In Store Pick-Up. You can update these and blocked dates and change the daily hours as needed.

Step 7: The next setting is for the "From email name" and "email address". Add the name and email address that should appear in email confirmations to Shoppers for the store Pick-Up schedule and for any schedule changes. The email template is preset and if you would like to make changes to the contents, click on the + and make the necessary updates.

Step 8: Please note the Product Sync is initiated by the App automatically and will complete in 30 minutes (depends on the volume of products)

When all the items in the Check List turns Green, the app is ready for use.

You have now successfully installed and setup the Integer BOPIS App. If you have any questions the Integer Cloud Apps team is ready and willing to help you with troubleshooting. Please feel free to contact our team at

Thanks for installing and setting up the Integer BOPIS App. If you would like to see additional features or functionality, you can email requests directly to