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Introducing BidBot, your ultimate auction management solution. With powerful features like re-auctioning, customizable rules, and email correspondence, BidBot empowers you to run successful auctions effortlessly. Take control of your online auctions and maximize your sales potential with BidBot!


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About The App 

Discover our Integer Auction App, your gateway to attracting new visitors and turbocharging sales for your store. With unlimited auctions at no additional cost, you can elevate your revenue and expand your product offerings effortlessly. Create, manage, and monitor auctions for any product through a convenient dashboard, all while maintaining full control over bid settings.

Effortless Auction Management

Our user-friendly app empowers you to effortlessly create and manage auctions for any product in your inventory. Keep a close watch on your auction activities with our intuitive dashboard, allowing you to track pending, accepted, and total bids placed in real time.


With a host of cutting-edge features, including the unique 'Re-auction' option, advanced filters for precise product searches, and the ability to restrict bidding to approved customers only, you'll establish a secure and efficient auction platform. Stay in the loop with bid approval notifications sent directly to your email.


New Possibilities


  • Draw more new visitors to your store
  • Offer unlimited number of auctions with no extra charges
  • Increase your sales to the next level
  • Ability to create and manage auction for any product
  • Dashboard to view all the pending, accepted and total bids placed.
Dealer Screen

Empower your business with Integer Auction App: Unlimited auctions, secure bidding, and complete control for maximum sales potential.


"Re-auction" feature enables us to recreate the bid for the product


Filters to search by product name and SKU, auction type, and auction status


Facility to allow approved customers only to take part in the bidding


Can determine the buyout price


Correspondence through email once the bid is approved


Ability to offer as many auctions on your website as you need with no extra charges

Why Choose Integer Bidbot App?

Unlock New Audiences | Host Unlimited Auctions | Skyrocket Sales

Attracting fresh visitors to your online store has never been easier. With Integer Auction App, there are no bounds to your auction endeavors - host as many as you wish, all without the burden of extra costs. Get ready to elevate your revenue and take your business to unprecedented heights.

Unlimited Auctions
Advanced Filters
Custom Bidding Rules

Unlimited Auctions

Say goodbye to limitations as you can host an unlimited number of auctions with Integer Auction App, all without incurring extra charges. Whether you want to auction off a single product or an entire catalog, the sky's the limit. Elevate your revenue and maximize your sales potential without breaking the bank.

Advanced Filters

Our app offers robust filtering options, allowing you to search by product name, SKU, auction type, and auction status. These advanced filters make it easy to pinpoint the exact products and auctions you want to manage. Say goodbye to sifting through endless listings and streamline your auction management.

Custom Bidding Rules

Integer Auction App puts you in control of your auction strategy. You can set your own increment rules and define the minimum price that must be reached for a successful bid. Plus, you have the flexibility to determine buyout prices, offering an alternative for buyers who can't wait to secure their purchases. Take charge and tailor your auctions to your unique business needs.

Integer Bidbot

Main Reasons to buy BidBot

Empower Dealers: Give your dealers compelling reasons to purchase your products and actively promote them to customers through highly customized incentive programs. This not only motivates dealers but also drives increased sales and customer loyalty.


Expand Your Reach: Expand your dealer network by offering attractive incentive programs and enabling customers to recognize and support local businesses. With Integer Payout Pal, you can broaden your reach and provide customers with a broader range of choices.


Increased Online Orders: Enroll dealers from different localities and attract more online orders by offering more choices to customers. The increased dealer network and customer options directly impact your revenues and bottom line.


Integer Auction App is your gateway to elevating your online auctions, boosting conversions, and fostering a thriving e-commerce platform. Join the league of successful e-commerce entrepreneurs who have harnessed its power to drive sales and create bidding excitement on their websites. Start your auction revolution with Integer Auction App today!

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We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service, fostering strong client relationships. Join us today and experience the difference!

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